Geoff is a highly experienced, BAFTA winning filmmaker.  He studied at the UK's National Film and Television School and has made numerous drama and documentary films as a writer, producer, director and editor.  Geoff has worked in the UK, Europe and America with some of the most respected creatives in film, television and music.   He has  been involved in initiatives to encourage and foster new talent and given many talks to students looking to work in media.  He founded the world’s first IP based interactive digital cinema at the NFT on London’s South Bank.  He has lectured and given talks on digital futures in the UK and overseas.  Geoff was a visiting fellow at Newcastle University where he was commissioned to run a feasibility study and then implement cross faculty film production from his recommendations.  He created and led ‘The Art and Practice of Digital Film,’ a three semester Masters program for the Faculty of Arts and Cultures.  This achieved outstanding results and was highly successful with UK and overseas students.  Recent projects include an interactive film for London’s National Gallery summer exhibition, ‘Making Colour’.   ‘Equites Singulares Augusti’, was a documentary about the cavalry arm of the Praetorian Guard, the Roman Emperors’ personal bodyguard. He is currently working on an original science fiction television series and a feature length documentary, ‘Rome Transformed’ about the archeology beneath the Lateran basilica, the world’s first Roman Catholic Cathedral.  Built by Emperor Constantine as part of his programme to install Christianity as the state religion across the Roman Empire, it was the original seat of the Pope and is still the mother church of the Roman Catholic religion. ‘Rome Transformed’ follows the work of the multinational team exploring this unique excavation and six other major sites on Rome’s Caelian Hill. 

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